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The Cookie Diet History

By Elaine Check

Of all the different weight loss programs nowadays, the most appealing one is referred to as the cookie diet. Pretty much everybody loves a form of cookie or other. As a consequence, just the expression by itself conjures a snug picture of dining on nothing but wonderful cookies. Standard wisdom would be likely to propose that something which seems to be too good to be true, probably is not really true. Why don't we check out this yummy sounding weight loss diet.

This daily diet was developed during 1975 by a weight management doctor of medicine in Florida called Sanford Siegal. While researching a diet book, he developed a proprietary mix of amino acids formulated to reduce appetite. This guy cooked them right into a cookie, and the diet routine was born. The guy consequently sold quite a few weight loss clinic franchises in line with the cookie diet. At some point, there was a division, and the fine doctor no longer has anything to do with the surviving companies.

The big picture belonging to the diet system is to consume half-dozen of these cookies, a single one every two hours throughout the day, to fully reduce food cravings. Six cookies total about five hundred calories. Afterward, a day is finished along with a smaller sized three hundred calorie dinner. Coming from a normal counting calorie intake point of view, nearly every individual that have an eight hundred calorie daily intake will most likely lose weight.

The cookie diet contains a 2 or 3 disadvantages. One, the majority of nutritionists and the AMA are of a somewhat strong point of view that any type of caloric intake under twelve hundred calories should only be undertaken alongside doctor's supervision. Two, repetitively having to eat the identical meals again and again can cause intense boredom. Three, a diet program so minimal can cause nutritional deficiencies, and finally, the "cookies" don't taste much like the freshly baked cookies of childhood days.

With regards to the strong points with the weight loss program, it works. It is also simple. There aren't a whole lot of elaborate rules that go together with it. Managing to eat based on the diet plan will produce weight loss for the majority of people. Many have found great success because of the simplicity of it.

In the last few years, several programs have taken the idea of the cookie diet and put in extra components like shakes and soups. In essence, it has come into the modern era with just a bit of variety. This weight loss plan keeps its simplicity without being mind numbing.

Ultimately, it is not a bag of chocolate chip cookies with milk, but the weight loss program works. Undoubtedly, it isn't a lifelong eating pattern. Making use of the cookie diet will help lose extra weight. Having said that, for a genuinely healthy cookie, that tastes just like a real cookie, a honey oatmeal cookie would be a better option.

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