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Reliability And Convenience Using Mobile Drug Testing

By Tonia Michael

It is cumbersome to move an entire team or workforce in order to have vital drug tests conducted at the facility of your choice. Mobile drug testing offers the convenience by having all specimen and some tests collected and conducted on location. This comes with the advantage of being served both day and night and at the hour that is most convenient.

Collecting of specimen and samples is done by trained and qualified technicians who have been certified by the relevant authorities. They use techniques that have been certified by the industries and comply with the regulations provided. The fact that they will come to your facility will be an incredible way to save a lot of money during the process.

You are provided with state of the art equipments that are manned by accredited personnel. This is for the purposes of accuracy and to ensure that the results are credible and conform to the most advanced regulations. There are not chances of mix-up or missed opportunities that can jeopardize your operations or cost you huge sums in future.

Contact can be initiated over the phone as you speak to real customer care office which will not send you to an answering machine. The response is therefore quick to take care of situations where urgency is required and any more time might be costly. It takes only a while to have the team arrive and begin work.

Employers will enjoy incredible pre-employment tests or random drug tests at the work station. The mysteries or accidents are also easy to solve with these tests. Families can also request the services for their own reasons as well as individuals who need a certain kind of confirmation.

The accuracy of the results will help you confirm your suspicion or obey an order by the court for the purposes of evidence or injunctions. Returns to work tests are also carried out on demand by the employer or regulators. You will get the best results regardless of the reason you need to have the tests.

Hair follicle tests that are a bit advanced are done in the most advanced laboratories and consortium services offered for institutions. All the policies and guidelines laid for the industries are followed. The results can stand the test of time and any scrutiny by a board of professionals or a court of law.

Urine tests will be carried out and samples submitted to certified labs for analysis and generation of all different varieties of results as you may instruct or may have been demanded by a court. It takes a very short period of time to have the results delivered to allow you carry on with the other activities that could have been stopped by the absence of this information.

Mobile drug testing saves the reputation of youth teams and keeps doping in check and can be an incredible option for random tests. DOT tests and non regulated alcohol tests receive further confirmations after initial testing. Any procedures that can produce results on the spot are completed while results for others are relayed in the most convenient method and being explained in a way that is simple to understand for all.

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