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Birth Control Options Need To Be Discussed With An Ob Gyn

By Gloria Gardner

There are many different birth control options available for women. With the help of an ob gyn Tracy women can learn about these options. These options are used when a woman does not want to become pregnant, but also have other benefits. These are some options that you can discuss with a gynecologist.

One option is what is categorized as hormonal methods. These methods have several options which you can use, including a shot, patch, or even pills. Some of these methods require that you use them daily, such as birth control pills. Others allow you to take them once a month, or even once every few years, such as a shot.

Another type of birth control method is an IUD or an intrauterine device. With this option the birth control device is inserted vaginally into the uterus. There are several IUD options that you can choose from, and your doctor can help you decide if this is the right option for you, based on your medical history.

If you and your partner are sure you do not want to have any more children, then sterilization can be discussed with your gynecologist. With this option you will have your fallopian tubes tied, in order to prevent an egg to reach the uterus. Without an egg to fertilize the woman is unable to get pregnant.

The most traditional and common method is categorized as the barrier method. Birth control methods such as diaphragms for women and condoms for men fall under this category. This option is the most common, and is used each time they will be having sex.

These are some birth control methods that you can ask your gynecologist about. They will be able to advise you on which one would be right for you, after speaking with you. When seeking an ob gyn tracy women need to choose one, which they will be comfortable with, in order to ask the right questions.

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