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The Warning Signs Of Eating Disorder

By Gloria Gardner

The abnormal attitude related to food habits can lead to serious health issues. The most common problem seen in the teens is eating disorder California. A person affected by this situation constantly worries about their body weight and shape. This results in unhealthy diet and damages the overall health. All this disturbs the person physically, socially and psychologically.

Anorexia nervosa is the most common type of disorder. In this condition, people try to maintain very low body weight by either starving or excessive and strenuous exercising. Another condition is bulimia, where the person controls the body weight by overeating and then would deliberately try to puke or use laxatives. Binge eating is another serious situation where a person is compelled or bound to eat more.

This problem is mostly blamed on the social pressure on the young people to be thin. However, the causes of this problem are more complex. There are certain biological factors combined with some experience that might provoke the situation. Some risk factors may encourage such condition such as depression, criticism for body shape or a family history of the problem.

The warning signs to recognize this include missing meals, repeatedly weighing themselves, complaining of being overweight. The person would cook for others but eat very little or would eat only low calorie food. Such people feel uncomfortable having anything in public. Usually the patients are secretive and defensive for themselves.

Females are more prone to develop this condition than males. Proper treatment is a must, because if left untreated it can spoil others also. The physical effects may be fatal. The patient requires constant support from family as recovering from this problem takes some time.

Eating disorder California treatment is given by many medical centers. The treatment comprises of monitoring the overall health and at the same time dealing with various psychological issues. The treatment plan is designed, which varies from individual to individual.

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