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Are Late Night Carbohydrates Bad For Weight Loss?

By Russ Howe-P.t.i.

If you have been looking online for information on how to lose weight you may have stumbled across the theory that eating carbohydrates late at night is a bad move for effective fat loss. Today we will look at this theory and help you to determine fact from fiction.

Let's face it, there is an overwhelming amount of contradicting information in the fitness industry. Everywhere you turn there are people trying to out-yell each other with their latest tips. More often than not, this leads many regular people to be scared of trying to build a better body.

However, despite the big strides we have made in scientific research over the last two decades, the basic five principles of losing weight remain largely the same.

In a business with so many supplements and workout plans on the market, it is easy to see why people get lost so frequently. Everybody claims to have 'the big secret formula', of course.

Thanks to the rise of celebrity culture over the last ten years, there has been a rise in the belief that carbohydrates are your enemy if you are trying to lose body fat. This has led to many ill-fated carb cutting diets to hit the scene, creating countless yo-yo dieters in the process. This belief stems from that culture. Can your body tell when the time is when you eat a meal?

Certainly not. While this statement does hold some slight truth to it, which we will reveal in a moment, the fact is it is based around a stereotype which most people simply do not fit.

Let's take a look at the actual research in this area.

Recent scientific studies point out that individuals who consume a large intake of carbohydrates which remaining largely inactive will find it much easier to store body fat than people who try to consume their carbohydrates around periods of activity.

But what does the science actually mean for you?

The 'no carbs after 7 pm' fascination was first created by gossip magazines directing readers to the latest quick fix method to lose fat. Their core audience, of course, are secretaries and office workers. The majority of that audience doesn't exercise regularly, hence looking for a quick fix solution to their fitness problems. They also tend to work 9-5 jobs.

The masses who buy these magazines tend to fit their generalization of what an office worker does with their evening. However, most people are not like this. It would be ridiculous to work through a twelve hour day and then refuse to provide your body with some nutrients simply because of what time the clock said.

No two people's lifestyles are exactly the same, so it is ridiculous to give everybody some kind of deadline for their last meal of the day. It depends entirely on your lifestyle and your daily timetable. Simply aim to consume your main carbohydrate intake around periods where you are remaining quite active.

How can you turn this new knowledge into an asset?

Simply structure your main intake of carbohydrates around your busiest period of the day. Whether that's a hectic few hours with your children, a gym workout or a busy period of housekeeping is up to you. Also, if you wanted to know how to build muscle and didn't know where to start, this is actually one of the main principles in building a leaner physique.

Ultimately, your muscles cannot see the clock and don't recognize the theme tune to your favorite soap opera. They cannot tell what time of day it is and they do not care. If you are trying to figure out how to lose weight and were feeling a little confused about this myth, you now know the scientific facts behind it and why it doesn't apply to everybody.

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