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The Essence Of Real Time PCR Kit In Research

By Audra Olson

The analysis of messenger type ribonucleic acid chains are now easily tested using a real time PCR kit. This is the same kit called by technicians as the reverse transcriptase PCR. However, even if scientists insist on how the test is to be called, many people are still using real time test as the name of the kit.

Research laboratories have extensive use of this method. The most common use of the procedure is in the manufacture of copies of genes, human or otherwise. Another main role of this method is to detect and quantify the amount of RNA contained in the sample. Samples used range from as small as single cells extracted under the microscope to tissues removed using biopsy. With its main uses, it is classified as a method with major use in the examination of life. Researchers use the result from this procedure to conduct cloning, gene analysis, genome assay, and diagnosis of diseases.

To diagnose a disease, this method can be utilized to test even samples of minute sizes and quantity. Therefore, the process makes it easy for the technicians to perform the analysis even for the most difficult to collect samples. A bone marrow from persons inflicted with leukemia is a good example of the sample. Screening is important to determine the specific type of leukemia that has infected the marrow for the attending physicians to determine correctly the path for treatment.

Once a signature is determined, it is employed by the attending physician to plan for the possible treatment. Many medical conditions have signatures that are similar to one another. Almost all these are already on record and studied extensively. The data from the studies such as the different characteristics of the individual signatures are also used in the research for new drugs and therapies that can be utilized as cures.

Gene study is a continuing research. Here, the use of this method kit is extensive. Various protocols are used for each method of study. With the different kits utilized, different kinds of nucleotides are also identified. There are also kits that are able to determine the quantity of individual nucleotide types.

The different segments of genes can also be rearranged using other forms of the tests included in the packages. There are threads or segments that are either inserted or deleted depending on the factors under observation. There are also cases where an entire strand is deleted from the whole to test if it is the cause of the anomally.

The study of genome, or the strands composed of different sets of genes and characterizes the living organism, also uses the methods in analysis. PCR kits are also employed to analyse genome composition. These are also employed to determine any possible links between the functions and characteristics of different types of genes.

Genome can also be utilized to determine the relationships between different bodily functions and the impact it has to other organs and functions. All information from the studies are used in other advanced researches. These more elaborate studies often include computations and applications in processes of the living organism.

Cloning is a process that duplicates existing cells and follows closely the DNA composition of the original sample. Here, DNA stretches are copied and reproduced. Real time PCR kit is used in analysis related to cloning studies and in the manufacture of new cell vaccines.

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