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Useful Guidelines In Purchasing Authentic Vitamins Made In USA

By Doris Madden

Vitamins, whether in tablet, capsule or liquid form, are one of the most sought after products on the market today. From weight loss to protein build-up, anti-aging and immune-boosters, its sudden boom in various markets has caused frenzied movement in the vastness of international manufacturing market. With hundreds of thousands of players in the market, purchasing authentic vitamins made in USA calls for a challenge.

Though the FTC or the Federal Trade Commission's "Made in the USA" label stipulates that a product must be "all or virtually all" or more than fifty percent of its parts or content must be manufactured or produced in the US, various implications crossing different industries have been subjected to debate. With various counterfeiting and doubtful security in vitamin products being sold nowadays, determining if a product is indeed manufactured in American soil or not can be taxing. To get you started, here are some simple steps how.

It is quite easier to check when buying from actual stores or pharmacies as label is usually embossed or stamped on the bottle or box of the vitamins. Double check, however, where the product is "packed in" normally found on content information. As stated, FTC's stipulations only require fifty percent of components but not covering manufacturing or production. When it comes to the word "America" or "US", bear in mind also that there are fifty states under the country's flagship.

Fortunately, checking of products safety and origin is easily checked online. Various products sold in the market can actually be checked in online directories and databases. The Food and Drug Administration or simply FDA has an interactive website which you can freely pursue. Its Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition guarantees that safety and accuracy of products labeling under its responsibility are carried lawfully and without prejudice. If you see its approval from FDA, it is guaranteed safe.

If buying online, check location of the store. One best way to guarantee that a product is authentic or not is to check if location stated on the website is for real. Some products though been tagged as "Made in America" but when you double check location of store, there is none in American soil or located somewhere else in Asia.

Checking of toll-free numbers usually indicated on websites can be easily verified via the Federal Communications Commission. Its comprehensive database holds all relevant information on toll free number series being provided. Verifying if a certain number is within US territorial boundaries or international is made possible with this.

However, it can still be entirely possible that retailer maybe US-based but production is somewhere else. It is best to collect word-of-mouth recommendations instead from trusted people on its efficacy. If a friend or family member have used it and is satisfied with the results, then go for it.

Indeed, all reports on recalls is disheartening to an American consumer. Being more aware of the products we continually use or take into our system should be done with extra vigilance. Though verifying if vitamins made in USA is authentic or not may sound taxing, doing so can only guarantee its safety.

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