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The Best Weight Loss Diet Tip

The Best Weight Loss Diet Tip

Here's the most effective healthy diet tip for you! Despite its apparent simplicity it's actually harder to implement than you might first think! Nevertheless, if you are willing to put it to use you're going to be impressed by the results it is possible to achieve! Plus, on top of that, the results will happen faster than expected!

In this post we'll cover what the best weight loss diet tip is, why it's so effective, and just how you can easily implement it into your lifestyle to help you get fantastic results!
Here is the most effective weight loss diet tip:
Eat natural foods as your only source of carbohydrates

From this definition it means you are able to eat fruits, vegetables, sprouts, rice, nuts, seeds, and oats. Additionally, it means you can't eat/ drink the following foods: bread, pasta, baked goods, fruit juice, vegetable juice, milk, yoghurt, cheese, sauces, jams.

Eventhough vegetable and fruit juices are 'natural', they're an extremely concentrated source of carbohydrates and as a result, have been excluded from the 'allowed' list.

Now let's examine why lots of carbohydrate sources are excluded.
Firstly, let's consider the gluten-containing products. They're mainly bread, pasta and baked goods. Oats (allowed) also contain a small amount of gluten and considering you should only have a tiny amount of them in the morning, either on their own or in natural muesli, they are okay to have.

Gluten is a protein present in many different foods, especially in grain-based foods, like wheat. The body has not been made to consume wheat. Particularly not in the quantities that lots of people consume it, as well as in the amounts which are generally recommended by conventional dieticians and nutritionists.

Gluten has a tendency to cause 'silent inflammation' in the human body, that is characterised by a mild inflammatory response which includes the production of inflammatory cytokines and retention of fluid (something that should be avoided if you're trying to lose weight).

Another reason why bread and pasta need to be avoided is simply because they're concentrated sources of carbohydrates which will have an effect on your blood sugar level. Rice and oats are permitted though despite also being 'high-density' carbohydrate sources so be sure to only consume small amounts of them, i.e. allow yourself one 30-gram serve of oats/ natural muesli daily and 1/2 cup of cooked rice per day.

Dairy foods also cause a silent inflammatory effect in your body and so are therefore also excluded from the 'natural carbohydrate group'.

All juices, both fruit and vegetable juices, are not permitted mainly because they are concentrated sources of carbohydrates (mentioned earlier). They're far more concentrated than their whole-food counterparts mainly because they have had their fibre removed. Sauces and jams are also concentrated sources of carbs which are packed with added sugar and as such, ought to be avoided.

Virtually all high-density sources of carbohydrates need to be avoided if you would like shed weight. This is because they have an effect on our blood sugar level as well as on insulin production within our bodies. When we consume them our blood glucose level rises significantly. Because of this, so does our insulin level (which gets secreted by our pancreas). Insulin has the effect of storing carbohydrates inside our body as glycogen, but also potentially as fat.

Furthermore, insulin also stops our bodies from mobilising fat from the fat stores and making use of it as a fuel source. What this means is fat burning stops.

Natural foods don't have the same influence on blood glucose levels in comparison to refined carbohydrate sources. That is why they're far better options and make up the very best weight loss diet tip!

The key reason why consuming only natural carbohydrate sources is the greatest weight loss diet tip is basically because that is the way the human body is actually designed! We have not been built to consume highly-processed, high-density carbohydrate sources.
Therefore, the more we focus on consuming natural sources of carbohydrates, the greater your body will function and the faster we'll be able to drop some weight and keep it off!

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