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9 Secrets To Improve Your Marine Corps CFT Score

By John Canfield

In an effort to get prepared for the Marine Corps CFT, it is best to train your entire body by participating in intense training session routines which are quicker in duration. Heading out and jogging 5 miles probably won't enable you to get an improved score on your CFT. Though it may be crucial you be capable of jog extended distance, especially in the Marine Corps, this should not be your only method of PT. It is not recommended that you ever train specifically for the PFT or CFT. Your main goal should be to continually be in good shape, and if you are training thoroughly you should always be prepared to go out and get a superior score on both the CFT as well as PFT. If you're struggling in the type of physical fitness required for the CFT, you should concentrate on incorporating sprint along with interval training, high rep/medium weight weightlifting, and lower body resistance in your current PT plan.

You need to get out there and get your heartbeat higher and your lungs working. You might want to focus on accomplishing multiple groups of high repetitions of many various calisthenics with little or no resting in between each set. Push ups, body weight squats, and ammo can lifts are a great place to start. Design a program working with those three workouts and toss in a few sprints. A case in point could possibly be: Five circuits of 200m sprint, 20 push ups, 20 body weight squats, 20 ammo lifts. Carry out each set in that sequence, accomplishing each exercise before moving on to the next. Don't take breaks between sets. Your goal is to carry out the workouts as quickly as possible. Whenever you are done, record your time. Next time you do the same training session, your aim should be to do better than your old time. In the event that this specific workout is too simple, or not getting your heartbeat up and your lungs working hard, you can add to the distance, weight, repetitions, or all of the above.

A different valuable workout is the "farmers walk". This is merely grasping a heavy object in each hand, and going for a walk. One good example would be: Take hold of two 50 pound barbells and walk 100 meters. You can include things like this into any of your pre-existing training session routines.

You need to get used to raising things over your head. If you possibly can find an ammunition can, load it up to 30 pounds and do maximum sets of over head lifts as often as you're able. Both as part of your established workouts, or just do 2-3 sets of max exertion 3 times a week. Without an ammunition can, use a dumb bell. If you don't have a dumb bell, improvise. Take hold of something that has a weight of close to 30 pounds and lift it over your head. On the list of hallmarks of every great Marine is to adapt, improvise, and overcome.

Practice your crawls. You do not want the very first time you perform a high crawl to be when you are on the CFT field, running it for score.

One or two times weekly just go sprint 880 yards as fast as you can. You can easily include things like this into your pre-existing PT plan, either at the start, middle, or conclusion of a training session.

Perform your fireman's carry. Get a buddy and rehearse carrying them 100 yards as quickly as you can. You might want to begin slowly and use a light partner until you are more confident and comfortable holding the weight. It's possible to cause harm to your back doing the fireman's carry if not done right. If you cannot get a buddy to carry, utilize a barbell loaded up with whatever weight you are comfortable with. Your primary goal should be to transport somebody else/anything that is equal to or greater than your body weight for 100 yards.

As with every physical activity, remember to adequately warm up and cool down.

These should merely serve as suggestions for you to utilize as additions to your personal PT program. If your PT program is individualized specifically and entirely to get a higher score on the PFT or CFT, then you're wrong, and you are certainly lessening yourself in your level of health and exercise. Your PT system needs to include various sorts of techniques that are continuously assorted in duration, and executed regularly. Remain committed and stick to it, and you'll build up your level of overall conditioning.

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