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A Guide to Understanding Back Pain

By James Steele

Many people experience back pain, though a fortunate few do not. If your back does not ache right now, it might be because you are young. The older that you get, the more likely it will be that your back will hurt. Many people will have this condition, and there really is no single answer as to why it will occur, though each condition will vary in intensity.

Back pain, while very uncomfortable, is not usually cause for alarm. Typically, it can happen because you slept in an uncomfortable position, or lifted something that was far too heavy. If your back pain is quite severe, you may want to see your family doctor right away. Back pain can also be a precursor to medical conditions that could severely impair your health so be careful. This may include pains that go down the legs, pain in the abdomen, difficulty urinating or fever. These may indicate that your back pain is the result of another medical problem such as kidney disease or another type of infection.

Made up of several different types of bones, you're back is a complex structure. 26 vertebrae are part of the structure. There are many locations within your back, as you can see, that difficulties may appear. The pain that you experience in your upper back would definitely be different than what you feel in the lower back region. Lower back problems are very easy to obtain, especially if you do strenuous exercises. If your kidneys are having difficulties, you also feel pain in this area. People that sit for too long in front of a computer may experience upper back pain in their shoulder and neck area because of maintaining that position. Depending upon the area that is affected, you could attribute it to improper motion or exercise.

Disasters or injuries could be the basis for back soreness, which could occur at all ages to anybody. Just about all kinds of injuries, from getting hurt participating in football to slipping on ice could affect back pain. It doesn't matter if your back was in superior condition previously, any damage could create a crack or sprain. Occurring most often in younger individuals as they play person-to-person games, should this happen, general practitioners need to be found to confirm that there isn't serious damage. Even minor injuries or falls on the other hand, could be the cause of back pain in older people, whose backs might previously be undermined by arthritis or osteoporosis. Receiving an MRI or x-ray is as a rule an excellent plan on every occasion where an injury has occurred in order that a physician will be able to evaluate the area of the trouble.

With this information you are armed with the basic facts about back pain and how to handle it. As worrisome as these circumstances are; there is often a remedy. In fact, sometimes the most excruciating back pain only lasts a few days, especially if it's the result of overstraining and your spine is generally in good condition. If your back pain will simply not subside; you would be well advised to seek medical treatment.

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